Cindy Au Wants Three Babies in Three Years

Vinci Wong, Cindy Au and Heidi Chu took part in recording for TVB’s new entertainment quiz show "Questioning Showbiz" and asked if she would be embarrassed if asked about husband Roger Kwok’s gossip, Cindy said openly that her husband never has much gossip, so there is nothing for her to fear and she hopes that she can win some money because she has heard it is as much as $10,000.

With Christmas just gone, Cindy and her husband have both been busy so they were not able to celebrate together. Cindy had to be a bridesmaid at her good friend May Kwong’s wedding and husband Roger is busy filming, so even their time together at home is minimal, but they keep in touch with each other by SMS. Cindy says: "Don’t worry, we will never grow apart!" Cindy also says that she will continue to keep her skin and figure beautiful, because she is only 27 years old and she can have babies. She smiles: "If I can have three children before I am thirty, that would be the best thing."

Cindy also says that as her birthday falls on December 16th, her husband and family all just buy her one gift for her birthday and then did not bother with a Christmas gift, so she says that this is unfair. For the new year, she has invited her family to her home for a barbecue.

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