Cindy Au Admit Getting Married

Cindy Au held a question and answer session to promote her own cookery book and share experiences with fellow cooking enthusiasts. She laughs that the next time she writes a book, she will talk about her own insights into cooking. Has her boyfriend Roger Kwok praised her cooking skills? She says that he has praised her and she will mention this in her next book, so she hopes that people will take a look. Cindy says that her most regular dish is cheesecake because Roger likes to eat it, but his favourite is her toffee cake.

There were reports earlier suggesting that Roger and Cindy will be getting married in October and Cindy admits that they are preparing now, but she remained very secretive about the details. Asked if she would be holding the wedding at Disneyland, she laughs: “I will consider it. The most important thing about a wedding is that your family and friends are there, the ceremony is not so important.” Asked if she would like a fairytale wedding, she says that she and Roger are not the romantic type, so there will not be anything special. Roger proposed to her two years ago and she will not think too much about the wedding ring because the value is in the meaning that they are giving each other. Was she touched when her boyfriend proposed? Cindy laughs that she wasn’t, because they are not romantic at all. “He will be giving me his heart, so it doesn’t matter how big the diamond is. Maybe I have filmed too many series and have watched too many series, so it was a very simple affair. I emphasise more on ‘long and lasting’ more than just a momentary reaction.”

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