Chu Liu Xiang begins shooting in Xinjiang Ja-Hyun Chu plays Shi Guan Yin

Ken Zhu who is the leading actor for “Legend of Chu Liu Xiang”has begun shooting in China Xinjiang, the cast playing the roles inthe drama has mostly been decided. Yesterday the drama team confirmed
that, Korean beauty Ja-Hyun Chu is chosen for the role of “Shi GuanYin” . Ja-Hyun Chu, well-known in China, Taiwan and the Southeast Asia area,already has successful co-operation working with the China Qiang Shi Media. Last year, this Korean entertainment industry Snow White, plays Shui Ling Guang in major Gu Long Drama “Da Qi Ying Siong Juan”, which received high praise.

Shi Guan Yin is “Legend of Chu Liu Xiang” part 2 “the big desert” main leading role, with a combination of beauty and brains, she is Chu Liu Xiang’s biggest “enemy”, creating much trouble for Chu Liu Xiang.
Initially this role is more inclined to be performed by Xiao Qiang, Xiao Qiang however chose to play the role of Shui Mu Yin Ji. The reason is Shui Mu Yin Ji is the most beautiful woman in the martial arts world, any man who has seen her has to die.

“Life Death Decision” in which Ja-Hyun Chu acted as the leading actress is doing intense promotion, this piece is a cooperation between her and Korean star Liu Cheng Fan, upon the first week of screening in Korea, the box office has already surpassed “Typhoon” with Zhang Dong Jian as leading actor.

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