Christopher Stands Up For Rosemary

There was a report the other day that model Rosemary’s ex-boyfriend Gordon was assaulted last month, and the suspect is Rosemary’s current boyfriend Christopher. Yesterday, Christopher expressed that it was Gordon who insulted Rosemary that day and referred to him as using Rosemary and Janice Vidal to publicize himself. He said, "He’s not a man."

Yesterday after work, the journalists asked Christopher about his grudge with Gordon. At first, he denied knowing Gordon, but he said he doesn’t like him. Christopher said, "He uses his girlfriends for publicity including Rosemary and Janice. If he’s a man, he wouldn’t do this." Christopher said men using girlfriends for publicity deserved to be hit.

Asked again if acknowledges hitting Gordon, Christopher said he will not comment but said, "That day Gordon said some hurtful words to Rosemary. Afterwards, Rosemary moved away to avoid him and even cried. Later, Gordon continued to say things. We again moved away to avoid him." Christopher again said Gordon is not a man and even told the journalists to call Gordon for a confrontation.

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