Christine Ng, Wong Hei, Steven Ma, Kingdom Yuen and Ander Jen Supporting Mak Ling-Ling

Christine Ng, Wong Hei, Steven Ma, Kingdom Yuen and Ander Jen were all on hand at the Hong Kong Book Fair yesterday to lend their support to Feng Shui Master Mak Ling-Ling, who was autographing copies of her latest book, which offers insights into the Feng Shui of Property Investment.

Christine indicates that she has consulted a fortune teller before who told her that her luck with property investment was not ad. She is quite happy with her current home though and she feels that a home does not have to be too big, provided you have enough room for your needs, then she would rather invest the extra money in other properties. She also laughs that she has quite an eye for profit.

Wong Hei is also interested in buying a property as it turns out that he has been renting his home all this time and has to pay several tens of thousands of dollars every month, which he finds is a waste. He feels that moving house is a torturous task, so before he gets too old, then it is time for him to get himself a place. Ah Hei says that he can only afford to buy an apartment worth $2 million and as Ms Mak has suggested the Eastern area is lucky for him, he will view this as one of his selection criteria.

As well as supporting Ms Mak, Steven also took time to take a look around at the fair as he is quite interested in instructive and business books. Steven will be releasing an anthology at the end of the year, so he is currently busy writing articles and he hopes to complete this soon.

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