Chow Yun Fat left ‘Red Cliff’ for Sun Yat-Sen Biopic

The latest rumor has it that the Sun Yat Sen role which was originally set for Takeshi Kaneshiro may be awarded to Chow Yun Fat. CYF is rumored to have left Battle of Red Cliff to take on the role that was originally set for Takeshi since Takeshi is now making the Battle of Red Cliff. According to the film foundation director Yau Fok San who would be making this movie, this movie would be made in English and among Chinese actors, the only one who could star as a senior has to be Chow Yun Fat. The most important is that CYF’s eyes really looks like Dr. Sun Yat Sen. ‘Is this why Chow Yun Fat left the cast of Battle of Red Cliff?’ is what most people were wondering. Yau Fook San did not want to confirm and said that everything is now in preparation.

Speculation is that because there is more than one leading character in Battle of Red Cliff, Chow Yun Fat wanted to be the single stand-out character in the Sun Yet Sen biopic. It is also known that this English language film might appeal to Western audiences more, further expanding Chow Yun Fat’s reputation in Hollywood.

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