Choi Si Won Received a Diamond Ring from Fans

Yesterday Choi Si Won was at a mall for the Battle of Wits photobook autograph session. Three hundred fans came to support their idol. When Si Won first entered the stage, he greeted everyone in Cantonese and blew kisses to everyone, "I love everyone!" The host asked what’s his thoughts of filming his first movie. He expressed that this is his first time visiting Hong Kong. Before coming, he was worried whether there would be any supporters. He then felt really touched by a lot of support from the fans. He even praised a fan’s smile for being beautiful. He was also asked if other Super Junior members would envy him since he had the chance to work with Andy Lau. He said, "No but everyone cared about me. They called me everyday and told me to work hard. They wanted me to tell Andy that they miss him!" He went up to each fan and shook their hand and gave them a hug. Fans also gave him clothes and diamond rings as presents. Si Won was surprised to receive a diamond ring and immediately put it on. He praised that the ring is very beautiful but not as pretty as the two girls that gave him the present. Si Won’s clever speech made all the fans scream. He even requested to take a group picture with all of the fans.

After the function ended, the reporters asked Si Won what he felt when he first saw the Hong Kong fans. The support from the fans makes him very touched and he even wanted to cry. He said, "Knowing that so many people support me, I will definately come to Hong Kong as much as possible." Si Won pointed out that he has received diamond rings before, but it is his first time receiving one in this situation. When asked if he has given anyone a diamond ring, he said, "I am still young right now. When I grow older, I will definately have a chance to give one!"

Si Won disclosed that when they were filming the movie, Teacher Andy Lau frequently invited him to eat delicious hot pot. He couldn’t find the same taste here in Hong Kong so he hopes when Andy finds out about this, he will invite him to eat it once more. At the Pusan movie festival last time, Andy and Si Won agreed to visit each other when he comes to Hong Kong. He said, "I didn’t contact him yet. He is my teacher so I need to depend on the staffs to contact him."

Which Hong Kong artist would he want to cooperate with? He said, "I am still a newcomer so I don’t know if other people would mind me working with them. I hope to work with Edison Chen and Daniel Wu. I saw their works lately and I think they’re very handsome. I also want to work with Maggie Cheung since I started liking her ay a young age." During this time’s visit to Hong Kong, he hopes to visit The Peak, Ladies Market, and Disneyland.

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