Choi Si Won, “A Burden to Debut With Such a Grand Movie”

"It is a very big burden to debut with such a grand movie production," Super Junior member, Choi Si Won, said.

Yesterday the cast was at Seoul for a press conference for Battle of the Wits. In the movie, Choi Si Won acts as Prince Liang Shi. He feels extremely honored to cooperate with Ahn Sung Ki and one of China’s hottest actor, Andy Lau. "Battle of the Wits is my debut works. Because it is such a grand production, I have a very big burden. It feels like a dream acting with Ahn Sung Ki and Andy Lau. I’ve learned card magic tricks from Andy and how to ride a horse from Ahn Sung Ki." Si Won feels thankful that he was taken care of like an actual son and little brother by the two actors.

The movie will premiere in Korea on January 11, 2007.

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