Chinese Star Nominated for Best Actor Int’l Emmy Awards

Chinese actor Lin Shen has been nominated for Best Actor at the 34th International Emmy Awards for his role in "The Confession of Feng Qi???????".

The only Asian actor in the running for an Emmy Award this year, Lin Shen will fly to New York on November 20th to attend the dazzling presentation ceremony.

Based on a novel called "Absolute Privacy" by Chinese writer An don’t, "The Confession of Feng Qi" explores the leading character’s regret over the loss of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend. He failed to defend his love for her when the couple encountered opposition from their families because she was 8 years older than him.

Lin Shen is a rising star already well-known for the variety of roles he’s played in popular Chinese TV dramas, including "The Ripening Orange??????" and the latest one "The Spicy In-laws??????."

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