Chinese New Year Greetings from Charmaine and Kevin

TVB’s Best Actor and Best Actress Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh have had a fruitful end to the year of the Dog and made a small fortune and they both hope that their luck will run into the new year. On the romance side though, they will go with the flow, Kevin says: "From the year before last, I started to buy plum blossom and people say that if you start, you have to carry on buying it every year. When I was younger I would pick at the petals and be scolded by my father!" Conversely, Charmaine does not buy blossom. As for romance, she says: "If I meet it, I will date, but I haven’t met anyone yet." She also admits that she did think about marriage five or six years ago.

On this New Years Day, Charmaine will do TVB’s Greeting Show, then go visiting and receiving lucky packets for some new year fortune. Kevin is in Las Vegas making some new year money in a stage performance. Talking of wishes for the year of the Pig, he says: "The most important thing is for good health and I hope to release a Mandarin Album." Charmaine says: "I am not greedy this year, I wish for good health."

Kevin and Charmaine wish everyone good health and smooth successes!

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