Chinese and Canadian Film Companies to Produce 3D Animated Cartoon

A Chinese and a Canadian film company are teaming up to produce a 3D animated feature film with an estimated budget of 100 million yuan (12.7 million U.S. dollars), sources with the Wuhan Digital Media Tech Engineering Co., Ltd.revealed on Monday.

Canadian partner, Joee Studios in Vancouver, will be mainly responsible for marketing the movie which is titled Seven Degress Celcius, said Tan Huoxin, vice general manager of the Wuhan company. ??

Both companies are financing the film, said Tan, who wouldn’t reveal how budget will be split. ??

The comedy tells the story of two different colonies of bacteria which work together to overcome various threats in a seven degree Celsius refrigerator. ??

The cartoon will borrow styles from two dimensional digital cartoon classics — Finding Nemo and Toy Story, Tan said.

Cliff Garbutt will serve as director and screenwriter of the animated film. The Emmy-Award winner took part in the production of Finding Nemo and was ranked among the top 10 figures in the North American cartoon industry. ??

The movie will debut in 2009. ??

The Wuhan company, founded in May 2006, is a joint venture between Donghu New- and High-tech Development Zone and Central China Normal University.

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