Chiling to Become Actress, Shoots Last Sexy Ad

Chiling (Lin Zhi-Ling) has continued being the image girl for a body shaping company and recently, did a sexy photo shoot for the new advertisement. As Chiling will soon be starring in the movie ‘The Battle of Red Cliff’ and pursue a career in acting, she will no longer be able to do such sexy photo shoots. This photo shoot has bee labelled ‘Chiling’s Last Sexiness’.

On the day of the photo shoot, it was extremely cold but Chiling wore a silver colour bikini while bathing in water for 2 hours. The model did many poses while workers rushed to get warm water to prevent Chiling from falling sick. Demonstrating qualities of a professional model, Chiling did not complain while the photographer continually requested for her to do different poses. As Chiling had to stay in water for a long time, her company purchased her a 7 figure amount of money worth of insurance, equalling the amount of money needed for the production of the advertisement. Despite changing into 10 different sets of clothes in 8 hours, Chiling was seen to be energetic.

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