Chilam Names The 6 Most Important Women In His Life

Chilam Cheung is currently in Shanghai filming mainland series, "Red Powder" with Kenix Kwok. When reporters asked Chilam about the 6 most important women in his life, girlfriend Anita Yuen Wing Yee was ranked only as #6 and Chilam did not mention his mother on the list.

Chilam named the most important women in his life as follows:

(1) Deannie Yip Tak Han (2) Christine Ng Wing Mei (3) Shu Qi (4) Ex-girlfriend, Maple Hui Chau Yee (5) Fan Bing Bing (6) Girlfriend, Anita Yuen Wing Yee

Although Chilam only ranked Anita as #6 on his list, he smiled sweetly everytime he mentioned his beloved.

"I am Anita’s driver, bodyguard, chef, magician, photographer, and voice recorder." (Why is Chilam Anita’s voice recorder?) "Because Anita is always the one doing the talking and I have no chance to voice my comments. Whenever I have free time, I learn magic tricks. I hope that these tricks will bring Anita more happiness."

Chilam shows his protective side towards Anita. Earlier when Anita went to see the doctor, she was harrassed by an unknown party for photographs. Chilam said, "When I return to Hong Kong, I will turn into Anita’s bodyguard and protect her."

Also, Kenix’s husband, Frankie Lam Man Lung flew to Shanghai to visit the filming progress. Kenix noted, "I will ask Frankie to leave soon as I have a passionate kissing scene with Chilam coming up. I don’t want Frankie to become jealous!"

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