Chilam Cheung Admits Marriage with Anita Yuen! Baby Has Daddy’s Dimples

In an interview with Cha Siu Yan yesterday, Chilam Cheung revealed that he and Anita Yuen Wing Yee got married several years ago! They received their marriage certificate outside of Hong Kong, but kept the matter low-profile.

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Baby Has Daddy’s Dimples!

Chilam and Anita’s son was born on November 12th. The baby’s nose resembles Anita, while he inherited daddy Chilam’s dimples! The best feature of the baby are his beautiful hands. Chilam and Anita plan to enroll their son in piano lessons, but do not want the baby to enter the entertainment industry due its stress factor.

Anita continued excitedly, "The baby’s arms and legs are very long! Before giving birth, I was very scared, but it turns out the C-section was very comfortable and sped up the delivery process!"

New mother Anita said she is feeling fine after giving birth to their son. Anita is busy learning child-care tips, "I heard that breastfeeding is healthier for the baby, so I am trying to breastfeed the baby. The baby has been very well-behaved. After drinking milk, he will just fall asleep. I cherish the moments when I hold my son in my arms!"

Baby Sprayed at Doctor

Anita felt labor movements while in their apartment. Since their building was watched closely by the paparazzi, Chilam first drove Anita to their friends’ apartment and then borrowed their friends’ car to drive to the hospital, successfully dodging the media.

Chilam remained by Anita’s bedside at the hospital. He took his video camera along and recorded the process. Anita was very tense and wanted to cry. To reduce everyone’s stress, Chilam was very chatty with the anesthesiologist. When the baby was born, he sprayed urine at the doctor. The doctor joked that the little baby had "good manners" since he offered his "tea" to the doctor.

Did Chilam decide on a name for the baby yet? Chilam joked that they could name the baby "Tin Sing" (aka Sky Star ??), "Yat Sen" or "Suk Ping" ?? since (since Sun Yat Sen and Cheung Suk Ping share the same birthday as their son on November 12th). To commemorate the birth of their son, Chilam and Anita bought a new car.

Will the baby’s photo be released to the press? Anita said, "The baby is still a newborn and looks like a piece of ‘dough’ now. Let’s wait a few days after we dress him up first!"

Married Several Years Ago

Chilam confirmed his marriage, "Anita and I got married a long time ago. We didn’t reveal it earlier because it was our personal matter. It is very reasonable to first get married and then have a baby. Due to the birth of our baby, we wanted to let everyone know that we did everything in accordance and our son was born to parents who are wed to each other. As for additional details, we would like to reserve some privacy."

Anita is still not accustomed to people calling her Mrs. Cheung. Formalities remain unimportant for her. "Chilam and I got married on a plan. We exchanged wedding rings several thousand feet above the ground." Chilam chipped in, "Isn’t that very romantic?"

Anita continued, "Holding wedding formalities such as a ceremony and banquet are unimportant to us. Chilam and I do not believe in such formalities and prefer to [get married] in a more casual environment."

"Wyman Wong once wrote a song entitled, ‘My Fiance’ for Chilam and the lyrics reflected my inner thoughts precisely. As long as two people sincerely love each other, despite whatever circumstances they got married under, they can enjoy lifelong happiness. I feel that is enough. Whether I admit to getting married or not is unimportant, as long as in my heart, I feel we did the proper thing. Whether I am Mrs. Cheung or not, I still feel joyous!"

Inside Scoop from the Sun:

According to the Sun newspaper, Chilam and Anita may have gotten married in Macau in 2001!

Beyond’s Wong Ka Keung Also Soon-to-Be Father!

It was also revealed that Beyond member, 41 year old Wong Ka Keung will be a father soon. His wife is currently 4 months pregnant. Although Wong held a wedding banquet earlier in July 2006, he and his wife have not officially obtained their marriage certificate yet.

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