Chen Qiao En start filming Ying Ye San Jia Yi

Although she’s the lead female in an idol drama, Chen Qiao En couldn’t just prettily have a romantic relationship with someone and then have a finish product. SETTV’s new drama “Ying Ye San Jia Yi” since the start of filming, has been having Qiao En risking her life for acting. Besides hanging from a steel rod, a few days ago, the director even had her hanging upside down in mid-air at a height of around fourth storey. She spent a whole day filming like that. When she finally touch ground again, Qiao En’s legs were so wobbly that she almost couldn’t stand.

Qiao En has Acrophobia(fear of heights) and when YYSJY started filming, she had to hang from a steel rod in Taipei Xi Men Ding already. The moment she was pulled up, her eyes became teary and her legs were wobbly. However, her “misfortune” didn’t end there. For the sake of presenting a live-like scene and plot to the audience, both the female and male lead had to fly around a lot since they were acting as people with great fighting/kungfu skills.

The most unfortunate thing was that when Qiao En was hung upside down, she actually felt very un-well and painful but yet, she had to have a look of strength and power on her face. Her whole weight was centered on the steel rod around her stomach and they were pushing into her stomach. When hanging in mid-air, Qiao En’s brain was totally empty and she only managed to hold there and finish filming due to her strong will.

Qiao En strives to excel and although she was scared to death inside, she still won’t give up. When she was in a outdoor filming for her show “Mao Xian Qi Bing”, she had to do bungee jumping when she lost in a game. She wanted to escape but due to one sentence from the producer “If you don’t jump, it will be hard to explain to the other artiste and the show will have difficulty continuing, if we cut it out, it will be referred to as faking.” Hearing that, Qiao En immediately jump down without anymore protest.

She never thought that when filming idol drama, she still couldn’t escape the fate of having to hang from a steel rod and Qiao En could only want to cry but have no tears. Her personality of wanting to excel and be strong made her even say that “If the ratings end up being good, everything will turn out worthwhile”. All the dangerous stunts she had to do for the drama, she never told her family and her boyfriend Michael because she feared that they will worry.

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