Chen Qiao En in “Fated To Love You”

TTV/SET’s new idol drama “Fated To Love You” creates new record again for idol dramas with an average rating of 7.84 last Sunday. The producer especially makes seven medals to reward the actors and team. Ethan Ruan had previously promised to swim naked if the highest segment breaks 10 and was teased by Qiao En who said: “Are you a walking goby or a conger pike? Are everybody really so interested?”

In TTV/SET’s idol drama “Fated To Love You” last week, Chen Qiao En met with an accident and had a miscarriage. During the climax when she knew that she had lost her baby, Chen Qiao En without makeup broke down and cried over her miscarriage, earning a lot of tears from the audience. The ratings for this segment reached 9.23. Chen Qiao En said: “Before the hospital scene I was drenched in rain and I was cold and hungry. Suddenly I felt sorry for myself and so I cried!” The producer Fang Xiao Ren especially made seven gold medals to celebrate the rise in ratings for the director Chen Ming Zhang and the actors who were rushing the filming progress. Every actor eyes’ light up when they see the gold. Lin Mei Xiu who acted as Chen Qiao En’s mother in the drama joked: “Last time we had bonus, now its gold medals. Director Chen! If we break record again shall we go for a luxury trip overseas?”

Chen Qiao En was previously dubbed “two eights beauty” by netizens because her “Prince Turned To Frog” and “Fated To Love You” both broke 8. Qiao En said with relief: “Now the ratings broke 9. I am no longer two eights beauty!” On Sunday night, after Chen Qiao En finished watching “Fated To Love You”, she chatted online with SETTV’s Chen Yu Shan and said that “Jin Nian Pin (Souvenir)” gone, making her very sad. She kept crying as she watched the drama. Tan Ai Zhen also called Chen Qiao En and praised her acting skills. Chen Qiao En said: “Thank Sister Tan for her praise. I was still immersed in the drama but the earthquake scared me awake!”

Everybody wonders when Ethan Ruan will swim naked. Xiao Tian said shyly: “I was originally prepared to swim naked this week, but the ratings still fall a little short! Maybe the audience wants to encourage more of us to swim naked together!” The director answered: “Then you have one more week to build up your body!” Xiao Tian joked immediately: “Director! Some things are natural and do not need building up!” Everybody thinks that Ethan Ruan will overcome his boundary and expose his third spot. Chen Qiao En quickly said: “Xiao Tian! Don’t be too confident. Are you a walking goby or a conger pike? You really think that everybody is interested in seeing!”

Chen Qiao En has always envy Ethan Ruan for being able to display his humor in comedy. She mentioned to the producer that she will like to try it too because she always see them laugh and NGs during filming. Chen Yu Shan said that the next drama “I Love Shan Bao Mei” is even funnier and promised to let Chen Qiao En see the script and storyline. Chen Yu Shan said: “But acting “I Love Shan Bao Mei” requires a few conditions. One is have a flat chest and second is have biceps. Chen Qiao En’s is too well endowed, so she may not be selected. We will have to see if she is willing to bind her chest then!”

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