Charmaine Sheh visited Taiwan for Maiden’s Vow

After three years, TVB Best Actress Charmaine Sheh visited Taiwan yesterday to promote series [Maiden’s Vow] which is currently airing in TVBS-G channel. Though Charmaine sang “Cheers to Singlehood”, the tarot card reader said that from the tarot cards she picked, her Mr Right should age between 5 years from her, and his horoscope is earth sign. The most amusing thing is that her rumored boyfriend by HK tabloid; Ron Ng is coincidentally 4 years younger with Virgo horoscope. At this, Charmaine quickly denies and laughed that they’re only colleagues. She wittily used the host standing next to her and said that he fulfilled those requirements too!

In [MV], Charmaine portrayed 4 characters. Her exquisite acting gave her the honor of winning Best Actress during TVB anniversary award last year. Sharing four romances over 100 years in the series with Joe Ma, Charmaine said there were a lot of funny incidents. Because all of the four eras were filmed together, there’s constantly a case of mistaken identity. Sometimes they’re unsure which era to film next, or what is Joe’s character name? In addition, they have to change costumes more up to 7 times daily; from Qing dynasty to modern era. With different characters with different personalities in different eras, one doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

After being promoted to TVB ‘1st Sister’ status, Charmaine’s value also increased boundlessly. Simply by looking at her impression for this promotional event explained all. For the press interview, she wore Moschino latest design, and her personal luggage consists of sponsored accessories worth nearly 1 million. During her interview with reporters, her sparkling 2-carat diamond earrings caused everyone unable to fully open their eyes (too bright). Charmaine was a little abashed and said that was a little present she bought to reward herself. The earrings worth approximately TWD1.3 million. She doesn’t mind expressing that she hopes to earn more this year. Everytime she looks at the growing money in her bank account, she will become very happy. However, she doesn’t really know how to manage finance. Apart from saving money in bank, she recently started learning property investment. She hopes to accumulate more wealth in her bank account. (Sehseh: You go girl!)

After being rumored splitting up with Benny Chan, she was again asked about Benny’s rumors. Charmaine disclosed: “My rumors with him have already passed for some time, after being rumored for so long, it is so boring!” However, she expressed that if the rumors focused too much with the same person, it is unfair to both parties. When asked if this will affect her perspective in love, she frankly replied: “Yes. It is easy to find someone, but very difficult to find the one that will grow old with you. It’s really hard. In the past, those that I dated are close to the criteria, but not entirely. Therefore, now I feel comfortable living by myself, I will not talk about marriage for next few years.”

Mentioning romance, Charmaine speaks of her basic criteria: First, he must be taller than her. Secondly, he must be able to communicate with her. However, the most important of all is ‘Love at first sight”. Charmaine disclosed that during studying in Switzerland, she met a Taiwanese boy whom she fell in love at first sight. They dated in Switzerland and after graduation, she followed her love and lived half year in Tai Chung. She experienced the life of “little housewife”, but found it to be meaningless. In the end, she couldn’t take it anymore and bid “Bye Bye” to her housewife dream.

Coming to Taiwan again after 3 years, Charmaine’s fans are already feeling impatient. When the reporters arrived, there are almost 100 fans waiting to meet their idol. To show appreciation for their support, she specially made a cake and presented it to fans who are having birthdays this month, as a celebration with them. Charmaine fans feels very happy because of this.

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