Charmaine Sheh Oozing ‘Sweetness’ at 3D-Gold Event

Charmaine Sheh took part in the spring banquet for 3D-Gold in Shenzhen earlier, where she modelled in the jewellery fashion show, wearing some new jewellery designs and a set of diamonds totalling 32 carats. She also performed as her character from "Glittering Days" as she performed Theresa Teng’s song ‘Sweetness’, using her captivating eyes to catch the attention of the audience. Charmaine has been busy filming for "The Drive of Life" recently, but in order to avoid letting her sponsors down, she has been busy rehearsing her song for the performance. Wearing a black velvet dress, she modelled a new modern design range entitled "Galaxy Sparkle".

Charmaine also revealed the details of her ‘close relationship’ with the company. Since she opened the company’s first branch in Hong Kong in 2003, she has had a string of jobs for the company and has witnessed the growth of the company over the years. The company has also reflected her own progress in her performance career and so their success is very closely related. The greatest benefit for her is that the company has often sponsored her with lots of beautiful jewellery so that she has been the centre of attention whenever she attends any large scale events, showing off her popularity as the ‘TV Queen’.

During the event, the company held a special observation contest, showing a number of pictures of Charmaine attending the opening of some of their stores in Hong Kong and China for the audience to guess the location and also see how Charmaine and the company have changed over the years, but their relationship is still unchanged.

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