Charmaine Sheh Jilts Raymond Lam at the Altar

TVB’s new drama, "The Drive of Life" , crew was at the Golden Castle Hotel for Charmaine’s disagreement to marriage scene. Besides Charmaine and the bridegroom, Raymond Lam, there were Jessica Hsuan, Michael Miu, Myolie Wu, Sheren Tang, and more than 10 extras, creating a rich, romantic wedding, and the theme is in the white tent, just like Cathy Tsui’s dream marriage.

This scene is talking about Charmaine gaining revenge for her mother, by causing Raymond’s family to be embarrassed. She purposely disagreed with the marriage, by not wearing her wedding dress and announce that the two families will never be together on stage. Afterwards, Charmaine was talking about her future wedding, Charmaine laughs, "No, of course it wouldn’t be like this time, it’s not as dramatic in reality!" Will you have a wedding out of the country like Cathy Tsui? "I don’t know, it depends on the mood, but it will be in Hawaii where my mother is. I like simple, but just to let you guys know, it’s too far away, I have to find a boyfriend first."

Raymond Goes Off-Key When Saying Dialogue
Raymond is sick filming this scene, his throat was sore but he still professional acted. Raymond says, " I will record it again later, I was off key during that scene. Luckily everyone was professional, and we continued filming." Have you imagined your future wedding? "I hope to have a sponsor like Hacken Lee. This time is actually my first time filming a wedding scene, and never thought that the wedding can’t be finished. I’m not afraid that it would happen in the future, it’s still far from the present."

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