Charmaine Sheh Crying in the Rain

At around 3am yesterday, Charmaine Sheh was filming for Wong Jing’s new movie "Beautiful Food Goddess" in Kowloon Tong in a raining scene. Before the shoot, Charmaine studied the script attentively and prepared her emotions for the scene, so when the cameras rolled, she immediately screamed and cried out, wearing just a short skirt and then breaking down on the street.

When the director called ‘Cut’, a soaking Charmaine was so cold that she was shivering, but the crew were extremely concerned and immediately wrapped her in towels and passed her a hot drink to keep warm. There were no complaints from Charmaine though despite the rain and cold and she joked and laughed with the other people. This TV Queen’s has kept her professionalism in her crossover into film and is fully worthy of her awards.

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