Charmaine Sheh Banned from Driving for Six Months

After having her licence suspended for three months in 2003 for unlawful driving, Charmaine Sheh found herself with the maximum 16 penalty points again and had her licence suspended again as she was banned from driving for six months. Wearing a red top and jeans, Charmaine was accompanied by two girlfriends at the Kwun Tong law courts, where she was noted to have amassed 16 penalty points between 15th May 2005 and 4th May 2006, so the department of transport have suspended her licence. Also, the judge noted that she did not notify the department of transport within 72 hours of moving house and warned her that she would be receiving another subpoena shortly.

With her hands in her pockets as she answered the court, Charmaine indicated that her new home was in North Point and she will provide the department with her new address details as soon as possible. After the hearing, Charmaine says: "During my ban, I will be taking public transport to work and may consider hiring a driver, but I will be working outside of Hong Kong in Beijing filming for ‘The Drive of Life’ soon, so it should not make too much difference."

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