Charmaine shares Ghostly Experiences

Charmaine Sheh took part in a Metro Radio programme talking about spooky experiences and she says she is quite lucky in the she has not met with many spirits during filming. The only time was when she met with some strange events, whilst she was abroad. Working in Malaysia’s Genting once, she returned to the hotel to sleep in the evening and suddently felt that there was a hand grabbing her arm. The hand was soft and very scary, like a swollen floating victim. At the time she could not move and had to struggle to scream out. The hand withdrew, but she could not get back to sleep after that. Fortunately she left Genting the following day.

Charmaine’s scariest story is from her co-star Joe Ma. Joe was away working and as he was very tired, he immediately went to sleep as soon as he arrived back at the hotel. However, as soon as he tucked himself in, he heard a piercng scream. He thought the sound came from the wardrobe, but he thought he was dreaming. Then he realised that he did not fall asleep so quickly and he felt that he was unable to move, so he recited some mantras to himself until the screaming finally moved back into the wardrobe. At first, he wanted to leave the room, but he daren’t pass the wardrobe, so he ended up staying in the room until daybreak.

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