Charmaine Says her Own Cake is Delicious

Charmaine Sheh, Yumiko Cheng, Winnie Leung and Yuen Chau took part in a shopping mall event yesterday and also promoted their film "Lady Iron Chef". Charmaine and Yumiko arrived half an hour late for the event, where they played games with the audience. Asked if she has a date for the Lantern Festival, she smiles: "Yes, a lot of people! I will be meeting the crew to work! (Has Benny Chan not invited you out?) I’m not talking about this." Talking of her cookery skills, Charmaine says that she has made cakes before and they taste quite good. Her best dishes are making Western snacks and cakes.

Yumiko has just returned to Hong Kong from Canada and this was her first time skiing, but she kept falling over. However, she has become very interested in the sport now and will go back again. The reporters asked her if she was helped up by any men when she fell over and she smiles: "No! (Leon Lai and Gaile Lok were very sweet when they went skiing!) I don’t have that kind of luck. They are very sweet!" Has she a date for the festival? She says she does not usually celebrate it, so she has not arranged anything.

March 2nd was Winnie’s birthday and she has never had a birthday party before, so this was the first year when she had a celebration arranged. She received many presents such as a necklace and a camera. As for the Lantern festival, she does not have a date, but on the Western Valentines day on 14th February, she received a bunch of flowers from a man and she was very touched.

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