Charmaine is Relaxed about Rumours

Charmaine Sheh took part in an interview at Cha Siu Yan’s show on CRHK yesterday and spoke about the approaching TVB Anniversary Awards and all the gossip that has been stirred up around her battle for the Best Actress award against Myolie Wu. There have been reports recently that TVB is totally supporting Myolie and turning against Charmaine and the most recent reports suggest that she has been banging the desks and cursing the TVB executives for giving the award to Myolie. Asked about all the gossip, Myolie replied with a relaxed attitude and smiled: "The whole company against me? That is quite powerful, but I did not read the details so I am not sure."

Charmaine says it is no surprise that the press has been firing at her as a result of the contest between her and Myolie, but she adds graciously: "In my mind, Myolie, Ada Choi and Sheren Tang all have a good chance." As for the desk-banging, Charmaine asks in response: "Has the award already been presented? Why would I be so extreme?" As for the suggestion that TVB will try to keep everything sweet by introducing a new special award so they have one each, Charmaine says she does not know about a secret award, so she questions the truth behind the reports. However, Charmaine knows that the company does change its awards structure every year. So which award would she most like to win? Charmaine says that as long as she wins an award, she will be happy.

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