Charmaine feeds Joe some ‘wife biscuits’

Rumoured couple Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma attended a function for new series "Maiden’s Vow" with other cast members Akina Hong, Sammul Chan and Sherming Yiu. The cast members appeared in bridal costumes of different generations. Joe snatched the limelight when he ate ‘wife biscuits’ while carrying Charmaine.

When the cast members were playing games on stage, Joe got played by Akina who kept pushing Charmaine towards him. Later Akina also touched Charmaine’s breasts. Charmaine says: "She is perverted, but we were just playing!" Regarding her rumours with Joe, she says: "The rumours are not true! But we are good friends. Also I don’t need a married man to spend my older days with."

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