Charmaine Favourite for Best Actress Awards Tonight

Liza Wang, Charmaine Sheh, Roger Kwok, Sharon Chan, Shek Sau, Akina Hong and Chan San Chung held a promotional show and party for "Glittering Days" yesterday, where a 39-table banquet was held whilst they performed a song and dance show and a lucky raffle.

At the event, Lo Kwan Chor appeared in a wig and thick-frame glasses to look like Lydia Shum, whilst English Tang imitated Ho Sau Shun as the other MC. The cast took it in turns to sing on stage, but Liza could not perform live because she has suffered damage to her vocal chords during her recent illness, so she had to mime to a tape before resting backstage afterwards. Roger’s song was accompanied by Akina dancing as he sung ‘In My Heart is Only Her’ and Charmaine mimed to her solo song, but sung live in her duet with Roger. TVB General Manager Stephen Chan went onto the stage to present her with some flowers, but this distracted Charmaine and she sang in the wrong key. After this, she did another dance with Sharon. Liza was asked about Lydia’s discharge from hospital and she said she has not called Lydia yet. Asked who she thinks will win the Best Actress Award, Liza smiles that she doesn’t know and suggested the press asked Charmaine.

With the heat on as TVB’s Best Actor and Actress will be revealed this evening, Charmaine and Myolie are still very close, but the internet polls have Charmaine still in the lead. With the good ratings for "Glittering Days", is Charmaine confident of winning? She syas that after "Glittering Days" began airing, she has had a lot of exposure. So is she sure that the award is hers? She smiles that if she wins, then of course she will be happy, but the competition is too strong and the pressure is even greater than when she took part in Miss Hong Kong. She has been though the biggest test already, so winning an award would be the icing on the cake. Asked if she has been for dinner with Virginia Lok recently, she says: "We are all so busy, so we don’t have time to do personal things."

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