Charmaine denies proposal rumors

Yesterday, Charmaine Sheh attended 3D Gold jewellery store ribbon cutting ceremony, wearing a sexy black spagetti strap dress. Meeting with the press, she openly clarified that Benny Chan did not propose to her. In the same time, she also indicated that she will be filming a new series in Mainland China next month, and she wish to for a chance to work with Zhang Yimou in the future.

Denying marriage rumors

As soon as Charmaine appeared in her black dress, the crowd and fans became very excited. Afterwards at the press meeting, as soon as Charmaine sat down, the reporters started to ask about Benny Chan; whether he proposed marriage to her earlier? Charmaine was not upset but openly clarified: This has already been rumored for some time, but it was not true.

They also mentioned about Gillian being secretly filmed. Charmaine turned serious and said: "If this kind of magazine can be published and sold on the street for $10, $20, and read by the whole family, this is not the correct way to teach our children." To avoid being followed by paparazzi, Charmaine stopped herself from visiting the bar when she visited New Zealand.

Portraying four characters: Confusing

Currently, TVB is airing [Maiden’s Vow]. In the series, Charmaine portray 4 different character. Charmaine frankly express that it was different from her past roles. Not only she have to portray young and old age, the storyline also surpassed four eras with four different characters. "This series was very challenging to me, as I need understand every character well and their personalities in the different era. Charmaine also said that because they have to film more than 18 hours daily, sometimes with 3 roles in a day, she often made mistakes when calling out Joe Ma’s name. Joe also played four characters in the series.

Speaking about her four roles, Charmaine said the last role as beer promoter was closer to her real self. "I have the humor, modern feeling and the courage to pursue the things I want."

The reporters also discussed about TVB actors and Charmaine were asked to comment on Bowie Lam and Moses Chan. Charmaine said they were of two different personalities. Bowie speaks slowly, does not have temper, and belongs to the gentlemanly type. As for Moses, he’s more active, loves to joke, a little crazy, doesn’t care for himself much but very courageous while filming series.

TVB produces series rapidly and because of this, Charmaine rarely come to Mainland for promotions. At this, Charmaine express her regret. Because she is busy with filming, she couldn’t frequently visit Mainland China. However, if she have the opportunity, she is willing to film in Mainland China. In addition, her next series is a 60 episodes modern drama collaboration between TVB and CCTV. This series will be filmed in Beijing and Shanghai starting October 2006. The filming casts are Raymond Lam, Damien Lau, Michael Miu, Jessica Hsuan and many others.

Charmaine indicate that she will play a realistic and money loving girl in this series. She will be a bickering pair with Raymond.

According to fans at the event, because Charmaine’s new series; [Pearl of Orient] will be this year’s TVB anniversary series, they hope that Charmaine will win award. Therefore, the reporters asked Charmaine regarding this. Charmaine said she’s not clear about airing for [PO]. Regarding the award of "Best Actress", she feels that the award is a kind of encouragement, but she won’t purposely go fighting for it.

Nowadays, entertainers have expanded into many fields. At present, Charmaine does not have a plan to come out with an album, due to her busy schedule. However, she disclosed that she would love to produce an album or two, because it’s fun and she can keep them as memorabilia.

Prefer to have people calling her "Pretty Sheh"

At the event, the crowd is bustling around the stage. There were a lot of fans coming from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou who travelled in groups to Wuhan. They also friendly told the reporters that "Charmaine doesn’t like to be called using her full name or Man Man, but instead Ah Sheh, Sheh Sheh or even Pretty Sheh."

There was also another excited male fans waving [War & Beauty] poster, attracting quite some attention. He excitedly showed the poster to the reporters and said that Charmaine personally autographed it when she came to Changsha during February for WAB promo.

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