Charmaine bares her shoulder for advertisement

Receiving a lot of invitations from Mainland China advertisers, Charmaine recently shot a shower creme advertisement, baring her sexy shoulders. After finishing her advertisement project, Charmaine will be taking a break in US (Hawaii, where her mum stays).

Charmaine was very relaxed during the shot and finished filming with a single take. The filming crew praised her professionalism. The advertisers feel that [Dance of Passion]; soon to be broadcasted in Mainland China, will bring another wave of popularity, thus inviting Charmaine to work on this advertisement.

Because Charmaine has fondness for small animals, they specially arranged for a white cat to accompany her in the advertisement. Charmaine said that she really wanted a pet, but due to her busy schedule, no one will be at home to take care of them.

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