Charlene Returns to Work & Drinks Milk Despite Having Diarrhoea

Charlene Choi was earlier rushed into hospital but after some rest, the singer returned to work on Sunday. Along with her working partner, Gillian Chung, Charlene worked on a new advertisement. Despite having diarrhoea for the past few days, Charlene drank milk and smiled as she did so.

Twins have again worked on another advertisement for Regene and it is believed that the two received a payment of a seven figure amount of number to work on the latest ad. In order for the theme of the ad to suit the new product, Charlene and Gillian were required to pose as they drank milk and slept. As Charlene had been suffering from diarrhoea for the past few days, the director of the ad told her she did not have to sip any of the milk. But the Charlene insisted that she should be posing with milk and so, she drank one mouthful. This caused the workers to praise Charlene by calling her very professional.

After working on this ad, Gillian will be flying to mainland to film and will be separated from Charlene for 2 months. As for Charlene, she will be staying in Hong Kong to record music and rest.

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