Charlene Gains 6 Pounds While Filming in Shanghai

Charlene Choi and Steven Cheung yesterday attended a promotional event for their movie ‘Super Fans’ at a bowling centre, where they competed with their fans. This resulted in Charlene, who has never learnt how to bowl, to lose and only getting 25 points. The artists disclosed that she has always wanted to learn to how to bowl and that has also hoped that Andy Lau could teach her. But due to their busy schedules, they have not had time to meet up and bowl and so, Andy had to teach her through phone.

Charlene has been busy filming her new movie ‘Slam Dunk’ with Jay Chou. She disclosed that filming in Shanghai has not been as tough as filming in Hong Kong because fans have been bringing her lots of food and so, she has been spending her time eating which has caused her to gain 6 pounds. Charlene hopes that one day she is able to wait for her idol, Amei Chang, outside their hotel because they live in the same hotel. Regarding her company investing a lot of money on a new movie for Vicki Zhao, Charlene expressed that her company has always invested in large movie projects and that she believes that as long as she does her job, her company will invest in movies for her.

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