Charlene Choi with new film Sword Butterfly

A few days ago, Ah Sa (Charlene Choi) attended a press conference in Beijing for her upcoming film “Sword Butterfly.” There, she thanked the media and talked about disaster relief activities. In addition, Ah Sa stated that in July, she will launch a new book with her father entitled 《單親愛》.

When asked whether Ah Gill’s (Gillian Chung) offers to participate in disaster relief performances were rejected, Ah Sa did not answer yes or no, but only said: “The earthquake was an extremely sad disaster and everyone wants to do something to help. I hope that we will not view such a big disaster from the perspective of the entertainment industry. In fact, the day after the earthquake, Gillian immediately went to contribute to the cause by donating and has been in contact with EEG in regards to contributing more. I, myself, hope to participate more in relief activities.”

In addition, Charlene, along with her father, will release an autobiography in July. In the book, Charlene frankly discusses what it was like growing up in a single-parent family, living with her father, and her growing experiences due to this. The book’s proceeds will go toward charity.

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