Charlene Choi was cold in a T-shirt during “Slam Dunk”,

Slam Dunk is a 2008 new year movie, the filming start ceremony was held the day before, the actors were not prepared for the cold weather of 5 degrees Celsius in Shanghai. Both Charlene and Jay only wore a jacket on top of a T-shirt.

Charlene said, "I didn’t think Shanghai would be this cold, only 5 degrees Celsius. I heard from a friend that it’s not really that cold this year even in Northern China. It’s so cold when I got here, I had to get my assistant to find some thicker clothes immediately."

She joked that there’s strong lights on stage, so it wasn’t too bad and that the crew and fans off stage had a harder time. Charlene said, "I heard that they were there since 7am to get a spot near stage. The weather’s not being good to them. When we film the movie, I’ll still remember they were in the cold for us, so I’ll work even harder for them."

During the ceremony, the actors had to uncover a giant basketball, then there would be fireworks. Because the fireworks were really close to the actors and everyone was afraid that they might get hurt. Charlene said, "I was really scared because I was burnt by fireworks before in a performance, so that was an unpleasant experience."

Charlene said that she glaced at Jay during the fireworks and saw that he was afraid of the them too, then they teased each other. Then Charlene said, "No wonder fireworks is one of China’s big inventions, the ones used here are so grand. They also give warmth in this cold weather."

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