Charlene Choi new album Montage, thriller 明明

If you’re a fans of Twins, particularly Charlene Choi since it’s only her this time, you probably will be interested with this post. She will be releasing new album this June or July, had revealed one of her song that would be one of the song in the new album, Montage. This new song, 明明, composed by Eric Kwok with lyrics written by Riley Lam, aims to create rich layering, the feeling of tracing and thinking back on memories. The story on the MV is about couple’s former sweet and warm relationship, and the longing that is impossible to be gotten rid of after a break up, he successfully creates a strong contrast. Ah Sa emotionally portrays the desire to forget, but unfortunately being unable to forget — like the helplessness of a rainstorm passing through.

Without much ado, here’s the MV of 明明

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