Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng love broken up

It’s been some time since i get myself (and this blog) updates with entertainment news. Aside of the latest hu-ha on the Singaporean director (Jack Neo), which have his secret love affair (not secret anymore now) paparazzi’ed. It happened when the furious Wendy Chong, went up to his house to seek for Irene Kng (Jack’s wife). News has been reported everywhere. I guess this is another version of Tiger Woods, the asian version.

What shocked me was, after the drama prevailed, can’t remember where I’ve read but there seems to be a movie to be made on the whole story. I believe Jack Neo will direct the whole story since no one would know more than he, himself.

Set aside of that, the infamous Ah Sa told reporters lately that she and Ronald has broken up. It’s sad but I have even heard that Twins is going to reform! Good and bad news eh?

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