Charlene Choi and fake size increase

Charlene and Jim Chim were in Central to try out scenes for "King of Plays." Charlene wore a pair of fake breasts and became a D cup size beauty, but she’s not enjoying the big breasts and was trying to hide from the reporters’ cameras.

Charlene acts as a porn star in the movie, the character’s design is based on Shu Qi according to some sources, so Charlene had to wear D cup fake breasts and speak in not very good Cantonese. She was obviously not accustomed to the size and was wearing her jacket to hide them. Reporters told her to take off her jacket for some pictures, but it took a while to persuade her and she was only willing to take pictures if Jim was in them too.

Charlene will have photo albums released in the movie, so the film company made a few just for that purpose, using computers to put her head so some big proportioned girls. She laughed, "The crew was great, because there’s a scene where the photo album’s pages would be thrown and scattered about, the crew picked up every last page. If someone walked by and put it online, I wouldn’t know what to do, but I’m going to ask the producer to give me one to keep."

Yesterday was Ronald’s birthday, but rumored girlfriend Charlene didn’t have time to celebrate with him. From the night before, Charlene was busy filming "King of Plays" until morning, then immediately went home to pack, then flew to Shanghai to start working on "Slam Dunk," a very tight schedule indeed.

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