Change in love caused Jay Chou to lose weight All misunderstandings all shouldered by him., grandmother has always liked Patty Hou

Ending the Zhou-Hou relationship, it is reported that President Chou is also not doing well, (his) weight dropped 3kg. Asking him whether did he lose weight because of love? He has not denied. Towards Patty Hou telling the outside that he is a playboy, and dating was a grievance (to her), he does not wish to further explain: "I will shoulder all misunderstandings, what others want to say does not matter, my heart is true, time will prove everything." As for whether the Jaguar that Patty Hou drives is given by him? He lowered his head, saying that he does not want to say for fear of hurting the girl.

Likes obedient girls H suitable to be friends

He admitted that he is a guy with a big ego, and likes quiet girls who listen to him. "Hebe’s personality is too straightforward, she will directly say what she doen’t like, suitable to be good friends (with her)." As for why he did not care about the rumours and still found her to film an MV? He said it’s only because (he) felt that the role belongs to only her, but does not remove the possibilty that in future, he will still date with people in the (entertainment) circle.

Jay Chou (President Chou) held an album release press conference yesterday, but the media’s attention was on the reason of he and Patty Hou’s break-up, the truth of JH relationship. Being pressed for answers about his relationships, he lowered his body and fiercely attacked the blurry weapontry by "Aiyoh, don’t talk about this!". Until when asked about "regaining singlehood" whether (he) had to passively accept? He then reluctantly blinked and said: "My expression tells everything!" silently admitting the break-up was initiated by Patty Hou. But when Patty Hou changed flights to Taiwan at Seattle yesterday, a friend disclosed, that then she only asked him how to go on, yet the relationship further drifted apart slowly.

Two months after the news of the Chou-Hou relationship break-up, President Chou has been asked how long (he) hasn’t contacted Patty Hou. He frankly admitted it’s been a long time, as for the details of the break-up process? He helplessly said: "Some thing really cannot be said, (we) must respect the other party’s feelings, saying it is unfair for the girl. (Let’s) just allow everyone to continue misunderstanding, I’m okay with it!"

When asked the feeling of regaining singlehood? He glibly said, "It’s the same as any average person!" Asked about whether he had to passively accept the decision of breaking up? He blinked his eyes and said, smiling, "Don’t ask already, but my expression explains all. Perhaps after I cross thirty, one day I will want to say it clearly, because now (I am) a little more childish." But he emphasized, (his) grandmother has always liked Patty Hou, and Zhou-Ba Ba is very mesmerized by her, and will even go red upon seeing her. "Actually until now there’s noone who doesn’t like (her), just that nobody in my family dares to ask about the problem of my break-up.

JH relationship is noised, but he still does not avoid suspicions and finds rumoured new love Hebe to play a loving pair of lovers in (his new) MV. He tightened his eyebrows and explained, "I am a person who won’t be affected, it is most suitable to find her for this MV. She also easily agreed when asking her, furthermore the scandal has already been "fried" already!" He emphasized, he likes his girlfriend to be dependent, but Hebe is too straightforward, the two cannot possibly genuinely play a false act. In addition, the mainland’s media has reported that he and S.H.E will be attending this year’s CCTV Autumn Night hosted by Patty Hou, and if it happens, Chou, Hou and Hebe will all be on the same stage. He also emphasized, "I don’t mind (being on) the same stage!"

Last night, Patty Hou was in Seattle changing flights to return to Taiwan. Her friend expressed, "Initially there was an agreement for the two, but then Patty Hou only told President Chou, "We have some problems, in future how do we go on?" She threw out a question, and not a sentence, but at that time President Chou did not answer, and the two just let it go at that." This friend expressed, that when Patty Hou dated President Chou she was very sincere, and until now she will not regret it. It’s just that the two being together had some problems, plus she has a reasonable personality, and felt that their relationship had already reached the point to end it.

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