Chan Kwok Keung Clarifies Rumors with Michelle Ye & Sonija Kwok

There has been recent rumors that rich businessman, Chan Kwok Keung has lost favor in Sonija Kwok and instead has returned back to Michelle Ye’s side, even purchasing a luxury apartment for her! Mr. Chan had some free time yesterday and clarified the rumors, saying that he regretted in implicating Sonija in the matter and ruining her reputation. Mr. Chan admitted he did dance with Michelle in Beijing, but did not buy her an apartment!

Mr. Chan just returned from an overseas trip with his wife. “I met Sonija Kwok and Michelle Ye at social parties and we are only acquaintances. I do not even have their contact numbers. I am only a businessman and do not possess a lot of wealth. You can say I bought a boat, car, or even airplane, but I am not the type of man to buy love with money! This type of report will hurt many people!”

Mr. Chan clarified his rumors with Sonija. “I only met her on two occasions and we did not keep in touch afterwards. I’m a man, so you should only write about me, but it’s unfair to implicate her and affect her reputation!”

Reporters mentioned that Sonija was surround by bodyguards during the filming of her recent movie. Mr. Chan said that Wong Jing took care of all the arrangments and asked the reporters to say sorry to Sonija for him.

Regarding his rumors with Michelle, Mr. Chan said, “I only danced with her once in Beijing! That’s how we met! You say I bought her a house; where is the address? I’m not afraid to admit it if I had done it!

Mr. Chan said he is aware who had leaked the rumors. “I am not stupid, but they did not say the exact name of the person. I have no proof, so it is unfair for me to talk about that person!”

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