Celebrity Kaori Manabe promotes eco-friendly activities

Celebrity Kaori Manabe presented an "eco-message" in a talk show for the "Eco-message Exhibition" sponsored by software producer Sourcenext Corp. on Tuesday, saying activities to protect the environment had "captured her heart."

Manabe, 25, was one of five celebrities to appear at the event held in Tokyo.

"There aren’t too many young people who think seriously about ecology, but if good-looking people whom they look up to get involved, then I think everyone will follow them. My heart has been captured (today) as well," she said.

The online "Eco-message Exhibition" features Web sites created by seven celebrities involved in eco activities, using Sourcenext’s software "Homepage Builder." The new version 11 of the software, which will be shipped on Dec. 1, comes with new features such as the ability to create podcasting pages. The regular version retails for 13,800 yen and the company is expecting to sell 200,000 copies.

Manabe’s eco site converts 100 gram blocks of carbon dioxide into units called "pocos." She says she used the units in the hope that people would get a sense of fulfillment based on how many "pocos" they had saved by contributing to eco activities.

Another of the participants, 37-year-old musician Sugizo, said he wanted to wear rock clothing using eco-friendly materials such as cotton. He is promoting his activities on his own fashion brand site.

Singer Sunplaza Homeopath Nakano, who holds a qualification in alternative medicine, started a blog aimed at protecting dugongs in Okinawa from extinction. Other participants include celebrity Marina Watanabe and Tomoko Nakajima.

The "Eco-message Exhibition" will be on display on Sourcenext’s Web site until Dec. 6. (Mainichi)

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