Celebrity “Deal or No Deal” raises money for Charity

TVB game show "Deal or No Deal" held a special Anniversary charity celebrity event for its third show that was filmed on Sunday, where host Michael Hui was joined by members of the "Glittering Days" cast, inclduing Charmaine Sheh, Roger KWok, Sharon Chan and Lai Lok Yi. Together, they won $160,000, which they donated to the Tung Wah Hospitals.

Charmaine said beforehand that she felt that this was a very meaningful event because so much money went to charity and she would do her best to win as much money as possible. During the test run, her luck was quite good and this gave her more confidence to play the real game. Host Michael is Charmaine’s idol and she praised him for his quick wit and hopes to work with him in the future. Roger was also very confident, because he was very lucky in previous game shows. Talking of Lydia Shum’s discharge from hospital, Roger is very happy about this and laughs that he would like to go for tea with her. As for Sharon in the supporters group, she played an important part and she hoped that they would win two or three million dollars.

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