Cecilia Cheung confirmed to be 3 months pregnant!,

Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung got married in the Philippines in September 2006. Many attributed the reason behind the rushed wedding was Cecilia’s pregnant state. It turns out that Cecilia is indeed 3 months pregnant and the baby’s due date will be in July/ August 2007!

Nic’s father, Patrick Tse Yin is overjoyed and confirmed the good news, joking that he should change his nickname from "4th Brother" to "4th Grandfather" now! Both Cecilia and Nic love children and the pregnancy have made both sides of the family extremely happy.

Last year, the highly popular Cecilia had publicly acknowledged that she loves children and her goal in life is not fame nor fortune, but to marry early and have children. Also last year, Cecilia’s elder sister had a baby and Cecilia often takes cares of the baby.

Allegedly Nic’s mother, Dik Bo Lai was unhappy about the couple’s sudden wedding at first. But Cecilia appears to have changed her [partying] ways and committed to being a good daughter-in-law, which eventually won the acceptance of Dik Bo Lai. Cecilia’s efforts did not go wasted. Once Dik learned of Cecilia’s pregnant state, she became very protective of her.

Cecilia has stopped her nightlife habits and quit smoking, as well as taking a break from all work.

Nic’s father, Patrick confirmed Cecilia’s pregnancy. "Cecilia is 3 months pregnant. I only learned of the news recently, only a little earlier than the media! Since it is joyous news, I will definitely admit to it! I will be a grandfather soon!"

2007, the year of the fire pig in Chinese astrology, is an extremely auspicious year. Did Cecilia and Nic pre-plan this pregnancy to fall on the year of the fire pig? Patrick said, "Having children is Cecilia and Nic’s decision. The older generation can not have too much input. But now I have to admit I’m growing old! We are looking forward to meeting our new grandchild!"
Source: Singtao, the Sun

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