Carol Cheng has filmed ‘only’ 31 Series

TVB Pay Vision’s Classic Channel will be airing some of Carol Cheng’s old productions and Carol appeared at a promotional event yesterday. She says she has many series, including "Paper Marriage", "The Fate", "The Feud of Two Brothers" and "Once Upon a time in Shanghai". At the event, Carol reveals that many years ago, she had a romance with Kam Kwok Leung which stemmed from when they were filming for "Paper" and the funny thing was even the script suggested that they would get married in the end. As for her most memorable scene, it was in "Feud" with Alex Man and also "Shanghai", where she worked with current boyfriend Lui Fong.

In her many years in the business, Carol has taken part in the production of 31 series and 60 films, but she says she has only made a small number of series. "I never thought it would be only 31 series, but if you ask me to film them now, I don’t think I could, because filming nowadays is very hard work and I now have my lifestyle, so I am afraid I would not be able to adapt." Asked if Kam looked after her especially when they filmed "Paper", she smiled: "No, at the time when Commercial Television closed down, I joined TVB and spent more time with him so we started dating. It was different then, we had our scripts very early on. (Did they change the script to let you marry him in the end?) No, the storyline flowed very well and they did not change it."

Asked if there would be another chance to work with Lui Fong now, she says frankly that it would depend on the script as they would both have to like it before they would consider and the chances of this would be very slim. Talking of how Lui Fong’s fans are very caring towards her, Carol says: "We have become part of their collective memory now. (When will you get married?) We have no plans for now, we will not have children and our parents are not rushing us." As for suggestions that Lui Fong has successfully lost 20 lbs, she smiles sweetly and says: "Of course!"

Even up to now, Alex Man’s classic ‘So What’ scene in "Feud" is still under debate as some people think he is actually calling a name ‘So Wan’. Hearing this, Carol laughs: "At the time I actually heard ‘So Wut’. The scene was thought up by Alex and I have seen the script, which confirmed what he said was ‘So What’. The scene took a few hours to film and Alex was so serious that even I daren’t laugh at all. (Did Alex drip tears, snot and saliva over you when you were filming?) I don’t know because I did not dare to move." Carol reveals that Alex was always goofing and singing, making her laugh.

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