Carina Lau’s Ex-Flames at Father’s Funeral

Carina Lau Ka Ling’s father passed away several days ago at 66 years old. Mr. Lau and his wife were at Tai Long Beach and he had a sudden death inside the public bathroom.
Since news broke of Mr. Lau’s death, Carina has not made a public appearance. Yesterday was the funeral rites of Mr. Lau. Many of Carina’s friends from the entertainment industry came to pay their respects, including Margie Tsang Wah Sin, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Leon Lai Ming, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Nat Chan Bak Cheung, Cecilia Wong Hang Sau, Tang Kong Wing, etc.

Tony Leung Chiu Wai was present and along with Carina’s mother, took care of the funeral proceedings. Tony’s mother also came to pay respects.

The funeral hall was decorated with many fresh white flowers, including many wreaths and baskets sent by Carina’s good friends. To avoid any chaos, Carina employed 20 security guards and had 2 separate spaces for reporters. Outside, there were a dozen policemen on alert.

At 3pm, Tony appeared with Carina and escorted her out of the car. When Carina appeared before her father’s casket, she held on tightly to her mother and Carina looked tired and much thinner. Tony stayed by Carina’s side throughout the whole time, but whenever a family relative appeared, Carina would start crying. Nevertheless she held back her sadness and paid respect to her father’s remains.

Mr. Lau’s body will be cremated and Tony, long regarded as part of Carina’s family, will be responsible for giving the eulogy at the ceremony.

Aside from Carina’s good friends, her ex-boyfriend, rich tycoon, Hui Hung Ning (currently rumored to be dating Michelle Reis Lee Ka Yan) was present to pay respects to Mr. Lau. Rumored romantic link, Wan Kam Fai also flew in especially from Shanghai to attend. Another rumored male friend, Sherman Lee, also appeared, but when confronted by reporters, covered his hands with his face and said, "I’m nobody!"

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