Can Heart Evangelista beat Nanette Medved’s over-the-top acting?,

Hiram na Mukha was supposed to have launched Nanette Medved (if you still remember her) into a serious dramatic actor. But, sadly it didn’t, and the poor model-turned-actor had a difficult time fitting in the elite circle of A-list actors. With no concurrence from serious critics, she had to settle for forgettable roles in action movies. While she remained a tabloid fodder with her controversial liaisons with some high-profile stars (Cesar Montano included), she never moved up the ladder to become a respectable actor, until she finally decided to make a French leave from local entertainment scene.

Now, ABS-CBN has acquired the rights to serialize the movie on television as part of its ongoing sineserye (currently running is Palimos na Pag-ibig that originally starred Vilma Santos, Edu Manzano, and Dina Bonnevie), the pre-programming of its primetime newscast TV Patrol World.

Heart Evangelista plays the role originally essayed in the movie by Medved. Now, the question, will Evangelista beat Medved’s over-the-top performance in the movie? Medved was perhaps one of a platoon of terrible actors who landed roles in the movies on account of their looks. As for their talent, their short shelf life in the movies is the best explanation.

Over-the-top acting is one characteristic common to Filipino movies, and it is also one of the reasons movies from this part of the planet have difficulty penetrating a more discriminating audience overseas. In short, it is bad acting and unforgivably and inconceivably acceptable to many critics.

On television, especially in soap opera, over-the-top acting is allowed every now and then, but not all the time to prompt the audience to switch channels.

I have not seen Heart Evangelista in straight up drama. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt that she wouldn’t go the Medved way. Or else, she would need a lot of prayers from her fellow Christians to keep her busy on television.

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