Burning Flames 3 (烈火雄心3)

Bosco Wong, while filming does not hesitate to sacrifice doing ‘month to month’ with another male. Afterwards, he expressed that he does not feel awkward. He smiles and says, “its a sweet pleasant feel” (tim si si).

Bosco Wong, Steven Ma, Matthew Ko yesterday was filming for “Burning Flames 3” (烈火雄心3). The scene talks about the the 3 of them as Firefighters. While on the streets they are met with some people who have gotten into a car accident and is severely injured. It turns out that the injured man was Bosco’s father. He quickly with all his efforts tried to save his father, giving him CPR. During filming of the CPA scene, Bosco and the male actor playing his father, unexpectedly they did not do camera angles for mouth to mouth. (I think this means, that they didn’t fake the ‘mouth to mouth’ scene)

After filming, Bosco revealed that he did ‘mouth to mouth’ with his co-worker, he does not feel awkward. “This is the First time I kissed a male, the feeling is not awkward, do not feel awkward with male, I feel more awkward with a female!” (Before filming, did you do any preparations?) “Nothing, just rinse mouth” (“Mouth to Mouth” with a male, what kinda of feeling do you have?) “No feeling, its only for filming a rescue scene. I have to act out a lot of inner feelings, because the injured person was my Father, but this time ‘mouth to mouth’, the greatest difference was that there is blood, so the taste is sweet.”

Recently, Matthew Ko was reported to have a “younger brother, older sister” love relationship with Kate Tsui. He denied the rumors, “Why would she like me? Kate and I have the same manager and we accepted the job together.” (Would you like a girl that is older than you?) ” I would, I like mature types” (What do you think of Kate?) “She’s a good girl, at first I thought she was a tomboy, but actually she has a gentle side too. I would consider her to friends” As for Steven Ma, he reveal this is the first time he plays as Firefighter, after putting on the firefighter uniform, he feels extremely hot. He feels that the uniform is similar to the ancient costumes, very difficult.

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