Brothers attack; Wu Zun: Let Me Off!

Brothers attack; Wu Zun: Let Me Off!
On Sunday (12th), muscle man Wu Zun flew back urgently to hometown Brunei to hold a big opening ceremony for his second gymnasium, spending HK$2 M at one go. On that day, other than his family members, even Brunei Sports Council Minister, Tourism Bureau Chief also attended, and invited him to be Brunei’s tourism ambassador.
Wu Zun’s family and hometown add pride to Wu Zun’s face; however his Fahrenheit members showed otherwise. Recently, rumours about their friendship rise and fall, Jiro Wang even stand out to speak, but behind the back, they are stabbing each other and separating into two gangs. It is no wonder Wu Zun needs to ask his male friend out in the middle of the night for a ‘night swim’ and complain about his woes, he even sighed and told the reporters, “Let me off ba!”

Last Wednesday (8th), Fahrenheit all went to Hong Kong to film a short clip for Disney, however, Wu Zun came one day before hand on the 7th afternoon, the rest came after him, making the rumours about their friendship turning sour rising again.

Jiro jealous
Actually in 2005, Fahrenheit made up of Jiro, Arron and Calvin became famous due to KO One. And Jiro became the ‘leader’ amongst them. However, ever since 2006 when Wu Zun filmed “Tokyo Juliet” and ‘enter’ Fahrenheit, he became an immense threat to Jiro’s position.

In Fahrenheit, Jiro’s family background is the worst, after his father passed away, he still have to clear debts on his behalf, thus the determination to be famous is the biggest. A pity was that after filming “Hana Kimi” with Wu Zun, Jiro’s comedian methods could never win Wu Zun’s pretty devoted boy style. According to rumours, Jiro had once told a friend, saying sourly, “He (Wu Zun) knows how to have rumours with Ella (SHE member cum Hana female lead), the media will of course follow him.”

Going solo, creating trouble
Recently Wu Zun even jumped out of Taiwan, flying to Hong Kong to meet up and have lunch with big directors like Stephen Chow, Ma Chu Cheng and Liu Wei Qiang, making Jiro even angrier. There was a Taiwan backstage crew heard Jiro said, “How come he suddenly flew to Hong Kong to have meals with directors? Is he really that famous?” Plus Jiro grumbled that Wu Zun can go solo and accept magazine’s personal interview, completely ignoring the team spirit of Fahrenheit. Since he could say this, it is obvious that he is jealous that Wu Zun is more popular than him.
Last week when Wu Zun reach Hong Kong, the airport already had 50 over fans waiting, with him were 5 assistants, and there’s even 20 security to open the pathway for him. On the way to Disney, there were 4 cars protecting. As a Taiwan idol who had only been out for a few years, yet receiving such treatment in Hong Kong, it is indeed very rare.
On the opposite, when Jiro, Calvin and Arron reach Hong Kong, the atmosphere was very different. On that day, every reporter at the scene had itnessed, the four of them separate into 2 gangs, Jiro and Wu Zun almost had zero interaction.

Five star gymnasium
Wu Zun’s second gymnasium has a total of 3 floor, the total area is about 3000 foot. Other than complete gymnasium equipments, there is also swimming pool, rock climbing, basketball court etc. And on the other side of the gymnasium, there is also a hotel, with approximately 40 rooms, the structure and comfortable level is comparable to a five star hotel.

Night Swim with Personal Troubles
On Monday, around 12 midnight, Wu Zun who had left the gymnasium went secretly back to the company and had a night swim with the person who discovered him in cinema, invited him for an audition and signed him up with Comic Productions, Ah Ken. 2 of them were swimming in the pool, chatting and talking. Wu Zun moved his hands once in a while, looking as if he was telling all his woes to his good friend. However, he hasn’t been in the water for 10 minutes when he was discovered by fans, Wu Zun immediately came up the water and left.

Wu Zun had prepared 3 years for this gymnasium, and spent tens of millions of NT money (approx. HK$25M). He did it all by himself, and often run between Taiwan and Brunei, all because he can’t even trust his father. “My father did help me out, but I rather I myself work hard a little more and travel to and fro, and must see personally for myself the progress.”

Wu Zun confess
Actually, as rumours Wu Zun and Jiro’s friendship turning sour rises, Fahrenheit already have signs of half- dis-banding, according to news, next year they will officially go on their own paths. Just like F4 in the past,they will first developed separately, Jiro and Wu Zun will film dramas separately, and be their own drama’s individual leads, Jiro film “The X-Family” while the latter (Wu Zun) film “Romantic Princess” and “Basketball Fire”, gradually, Fahrenheit will disintegrate.

When the reporter asked Wu Zun regarding the matter of him being attacked/ scolded by his brothers, he did not deny, only say that he did not wish to say too much, but he said seriously, “Let me off ba! If they think that I did wrongly, I… I will admit my mistake ba! Actually the chances and luck is not controlled solely by myself, if others think that I’m wrong, it will only encourage me to improve even more.”

Attack by retreating, Wu Zun who is turning 28 this October, compared to Fahrenheit, is so much stronger!

Fans scold each other and separate into groups
As Jiro and Wu zun are the key characters of Fahrenheit, thus any problems may be linked to two of them. In the past, there’s rumours that Wu Zun already had a girlfriend and they were already engaged, when the media asked Jiro regarding this matter, Jiro’s fans immediately complained loudly that Wu Zun’s questions were very disturbing, Wu Zun’s fans and Jiro’s fans started quarrelling and scolding one another, requiring the crew to intervene and settle them down/ Ever since then. Jiro’s and Wu zun’s fans were separated into 2 batches, and became Zun Ru Gang (Calvin and Wu Zun) and Dong Lun Gang (Jiro and Arron)

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