Brothers, Andy Lau’s Focus Film Limited and Polybona

Brothers, a collaboration between Andy Lau’s Focus Film Limited and Polybona which boast a cast of 4 of TVB original 5 Tigers – Andy, Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Kent Tong, in addition with Eason Chan, Wang Zhiwen and Lam Ka Tung.

It was announced at a press conference that the film would open in the cinema on 18 October in Mainland China. A grand premiere would be held in Guangzhou and Andy would be present to promote the film. Although Tony Leung is not in the cast, but it would be still a “gathering” of the 5 TVB Tigers as his Lust Caution will be screened in the cinema on 26 October in Mainland China.

Actually Andy is only supposed to cameo in this film but director Chiu Sung Kee just add more screen time for Andy as he was in Hong Kong during the shooting period. Chiu feel that Andy whom had played the role of a policeman countless times must give a refreshing view to the audience thus he should not be a serious policeman and Chiu specially designed Andy to be a “policeman whom like to eat” as Andy can be seen with meal box and sandwiches during shooting. Andy said: “I just ate and prepare to start work, then they put another meal box in front of me asking me to eat it, during that time I was keeping fit in time for my concert, I didn’t inform the director thus I didn’t lose weight during that period.”

When talked about the distribution of Brothers, Andy quipped: “I remembered when I’m doing all about Love, we’re just a small company, such artistic film would find it hard to find a distribution company, could not book a good screening period, everything is difficult. With the collaboration with Polybona, I’m very confidence, I believed with their well planning, we could obtain a good box office collection!”

Since 2002, Polybona had been distributing and screening Hong Kong films in Mainland China, it had become the main company that distribute Hong Kong films in Mainland China, after Brothers, Polybona would present another Andy Lau film Three Kingdom – Resurrection of the Dragon to audience throughout Asia.

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