Bracing the box office alone, “The beef cake” Wang Shao Wei show nipple to gain rating

Striving for his new drama, ENAC which premiere last Friday, SW do not hesitate to bare nipple! During premiere on 17/Aug at 10pm, national rating average at 1.24. Yesterday, upon hearing the good news, SW cheered “Luckily it does not leak”(meaning its flying high), making SW breath a sigh of relieve as this is his maiden show without J-stars other artist.

ENAC which is lead by SW & QQ, compared to RPS partnered by QE improved 0.4 in rating on the premiere. The “ingenuous and dumb” SW is obviously well received by audience; Last Friday it shows SW as a young fishing village boy first migrate to town and bullied by gangster, picked by QQ to threat the wound at her shop. SW took off his shirt letting Gu Bao Ming roll a hard-boiled egg on his chest. This part attracts the attention thus create a good result and rating peak at 1.77.
SW complained that the temperature is at 10 degree and he still got to strip while everyone is wearing thick clothing. All his Goosebumps is showing and even the nipple was hardened.

As SW has not been working out at his fitness, as soon as he took off his shirt, Director immediately laughs at him “Where is your muscle? You don’t look like an athlete” The makeup team even planned to draw up some ‘fake muscle’ on his chest. SW moan and said “Its so cold that I have turned into a popsicle, yet they are laughing at me, next time I won’t do it again” He pledged that the next round he bare for all will be when he has turn his body to looks like “Rocky”

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