Boyband K One member JR Interviews Wang Chien Ming (NY Yankees Pitcher), Gets Blasted by Reporters

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JR Interviews Wang Chien Ming, Gets Blasted By Reporters


JR got blasted while trying to make a viewer’s wish come true. As a result of WQYL’s new format, a viewer sent an SMS asking for an autographed picture of Wang Chien Ming. JR went south to Tai Zhong yesterday, taking on the role of a reporter to get into a press conference. Unexpectedly, he brought up the question that pissed off all the sports reporters and got a giant scolding by the media.


JR raised his hand to ask what Wang Chien Ming thought when WCM beat Wang Leehom in getting the title, Best Lover, in an online poll. Wang Chien Ming seemed not to understand the situation. JR immediately followed by gifting Wang Chien Ming with his CD (K one’s new CD). Just when he was about to go up to present it, the media at the scene told Wang Chien Ming, "You don’t have to answer, and you don’t have to accept it [the gift of the CD]," which made JR feel equally embarassed.

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