Bowie Tells Moses to Wait a Couple More Years

The TVB Anniversary Award for ‘Best Actor’ is also in the limelight, with the favourites for the award including Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Steven Ma and Kevin Cheng all talking about their feelings. Bowie taunts Moses, saying that he does not speak his lines clearly and that he should wait for a couple more years before he wins.

After many challenges, Bowie has been nominated this year for his role in ‘Dance of Passion’ for the Best Actor award. With a calm outlook, he says that awards are just material and the most important thing is that the character is a breakthrough: "To keep in the lead role over a long time, your biggest enemy is yourself. I hoep that when I look back at my performances in my sixties and seventies, then there will be no regrets. (Who would you like to work with?) Roger Kwok! I would like to test my acting against him."

With Moses referring to him as ‘Big Brother’, Bowie says quite unforgivingly that Moses has slim chances this year: "Maybe his chance will come in a year or two! Moses’s weak point is that he does not speak his lines clearly enough. I suggest he should read newspapers out loud every day." Moses does not mind ‘big bro’ giving him criticism, but he is still confident of his nomination from "Dance of Passion": "Many people feel I have improved and I feel that I could grasp the right expression and speech in my acting. (Do you feel that Bowie was stealing the limelight?) Yes, but my rather inward character was hard to portray and when there are a group of people, then you need different characters to make it interesting. There are supporters of my type."

Kevin and Steven entered the industry at the same time and they both learned to sing from the same teacher. Thirteen years ago, they both started their careers in the music industry, but now they are contesting against each other for the ‘Best Actor’ award, showing a great affinity for each other. Kevin’s role in "Under the Canopy of Love" has left him with the title of ‘OL Killer’ and a giant leap in popularity. Having lacked confidence in his career in the past, he feels comforted at being promoted now and he says that he will no longer be contented just being happy for other people or staying in the background.

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