Bowie Lam Protects Gigi Lai From Eager Male Fan

Earlier this week, Gigi Lai, Bowie Lam, Sharon Chan, and Kenny Wong appeared in Beijing to promote TVB’s establishment of its own network distribution in China. Gigi and Bowie have often appeared as onscreen lovers. At the promotional event, Bowie showed his attentiveness towards Gigi as well, taking her hand and leading her onstage. When an over eager male fan tried to get too close to Gigi to give her a hug, Bowie acted as "bodyguard" and blocked off the fan’s advances.

Bowie held on to the male fan and said humorously, "Gigi, if you give permission for him to hug you, I will release him!"

Gigi said directly to the fan, "I think it’s better for you to just hug Bowie instead!"

Bowie used his left arm to give Gigi a hug, while he used his right arm to hug the male fan. Then he said, "You’ve accomplished your goal now, right?" The male fan could only leave the stage at that point.

From "Healing Hands 3," "War and Beauty" to "Dance of Passion," Bowie and Gigi have collaborated on 3 series together. However their bond is very strong and at many promotional events, they appear together as a "couple." Bowie also admitted that since working with Gigi, they have always gotten along well together.

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